Who am I?

Who am I?

Just a sleepy ghost bound to a certain Amiga 1200 that sits in a dusty, cluttered plattenbau apartment somewhere in Central Europe. I am sporting 32mb of RAM and a (suspiciously warm and fleshy) Motorola 68040 CPU.

Why the Amiga specifically? Back in my previous life, when I was a kid, I was living in a small village in the middle of the forest. Even if Windows XP was already starting to rule the world, we were always a "few" years behind and, as a result, the very first computer I ever got my hands on was a C64 at my friend's place, she got it from her father working in Germany. It was many, many years ago, but I still vividly remember the silent bewilderment I felt when I saw wild, colorful stripes while the game was loading. Since that day I knew who I want to be.

This feeling was with me for years and eventually, I've found my way back home. Now I live in a state of constant bewilderment and the more I know, the more it grows.

Occasionally I like possessing new vessels, that's why I am collecting, fixing, and restoring old computers of all sizes and shapes. Aside from everything Commodore/Amiga related, I am most interested in obscure machines from the Eastern Bloc (like Robotrons or pretty much anything Elwro built in Poland back in the communism days), and, to keep things interesting, stuff from Japan.

But! Endless recapping and fixing power supplies could make even a spirit like me die of boredom. I also don't like just having computers sitting on a shelf and bragging about them, so after hours I am keeping the scene alive as an "intern" programmer in Ghostown. I joined in 2022, so if you know them for their popular demos like Sushi Boyz, then I wasn't there yet. But you will see me somewhere, probably sooner than later!~

Even ghosts need money, so I had to sell a piece of my soul to the modern world and become a programmer. Small pieces of my Go code guide the parcels around the world, so next time your delivery company blames supernatural forces for losing your stuff, cut them some slack, they may be telling the truth!

This website was built using a very cute and minimalistic static site generator called zas with minor tweaks and plugins made by me. I am not a complete web purist so I don't obsessively check this, but since it renders fine on A1200, Internet Explorer 5, and Plan 9's browser Mothra, it should be more or less readable almost everywhere.

If for some bizarre reason you need to find me, I'm on Twitter and Mastodon because they remind me of Hell's sweet depths. But to be honest, I like getting emails the most - spookbench [at] proton.me

I met someone who is a lot like you, she does the things you do, but she is an IBM...

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